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What does the Sanford SCORE mean?

Sanford SCORE measures an individual's sport-specific athletic readiness. SCORE Pro includes an assessment that identifies potential movement issues that could lead to injury. Results from performance tests and measurements are combined using a research-based formula to yield a single number that describes the athlete's ability to meet the physical demands of playing basketball.

How does Sanford SCORE help athletes?

Obtaining a Sanford SCORE is the first step in preparing to excel in competition and sport. The evidence-based number gauges an athlete's current readiness to compete, can assess movement issues that could lead to injury, lays the foundation for improvement and forms a solid basis for any performance training program.

Is obtaining my Sanford SCORE free?

Yes. You can set up a profile, enter your assessment results and discover your Sanford SCORE for free online. For a limited time, the comprehensive SCORE Card, which includes comparisons to other basketball players, will also be available free of charge. Basketball players training at a Sanford POWER Center receive the SCORE assessment as a part of the athlete's performance improvement program. For more information about scheduling a Sanford SCORE session at POWER, contact your nearest Sanford POWER Center.

Is obtaining a SCORE Pro assessment free?

Basketball players training at a Sanford POWER Center receive a SCORE Pro assessment, which includes the athletic movement performance evaluation, as a part of the athlete's performance improvement program. Athletes that do not train with Sanford POWER can contact the nearest Sanford POWER Center for more information about the cost of a SCORE Pro assessment.

How much do the SCORE Elite assessments cost?

The cost of the SCORE Elite Assessments, which are offered through the National Institute for Athletic Health and Performance at Sanford Health, varies depending on the individual needs of the athlete and the specific services requested. To learn more about SCORE Elite assessments, contact your nearest Sanford POWER Center.

Where do I perform the SCORE drills?

Perform the Sanford SCORE drills on a basketball court. If a basketball court is not available, conduct the drills on a smooth, hard surface.

Can Sanford SCORE Pro & Elite help me avoid injury?

Research has shown that body position and the way you move your body can be associated with some of the most common sports-related injuries. The athletic movement performance assessment available in Sanford SCORE Pro and Sanford SCORE Elite provides you with the information necessary to address movement issues that may lead to injury.

How do I obtain my Sanford SCORE?

By registering with, you can access all the tools and resources necessary to perform your evaluation and obtain your Sanford SCORE. You can also contact one of Sanford's POWER Centers to schedule any Score Assessment, including the more advanced Score Pro and Score Elite assessments.

Can I compare my Sanford SCORE to other people?

Once you've registered with the site and completed an assessment, your individual Sanford SCORE Card will generate comparisons that allow you to see how you compare to other basketball players.

Is the Sanford SCORE evaluation only available for basketball?

Right now SCORE evaluations are only available for basketball, but other assessments will be available in the future. Through Sanford POWER, athletes can work with a certified and knowledgeable trainer to build training programs geared toward improving athletic performance.

I'm having problems accessing my account. What do I do?

First use the "forgot password" link at the top of the page, which will send a password to the email address that you used to sign-up the account. If you continue to have issues, contact your nearest Sanford POWER Center.