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The SCORE evaluation is based in part on speed and endurance, which is measured by the athlete's performance in the Sanford SCORE repeated line drill. The athlete will run this course two times, separated by a one-minute rest. You will need someone to keep time, a stop watch, twelve cones and a measuring tape (about 75 ft).


  1. SetUp

    Place two cones at the starting line, far enough apart to form a running lane for the player(s). Place the other five sets of cones at five-yard intervals, forming a 25 yard running lane. The timer should stand at the five-yard mark. To access a diagram of the drill setup, visit the View Score Worksheets page.

  2. Test & Measure

    The athlete starts in an upright position with his or her toes behind the starting line. Without stopping, the athlete runs a series of five up-and-back sprints between the starting line and the cones in this pattern:

    • sprint 5 yards and back to the starting line
    • sprint 10 yards and back to the starting line
    • sprint 15 yards and back to the starting line
    • sprint 20 yards and back to the starting line
    • sprint 25 yards and through the starting line

    At each turnaround, the athlete's foot must come even with the imaginary line formed by the cones. The athlete rests for one minute, and then repeats the drill. The athlete should be instructed to run as fast as possible because both times will be recorded.

    Start the stopwatch on the athlete's first movement. Stop the timer when the athlete runs through the five-yard line on the last leg of the 25 yard sprint. Be sure the athlete does not take more than one minute to rest between the two sprint drills. The athlete has only one attempt to complete the two runs.

  3. Calculate & Record

    Record the time for each drill run (the entire course) to the nearest hundredth of a second (example: Line Drill 1 = 29.54 sec, Line Drill 2 = 32.43 sec). Both times will be used for the athlete's SCORE.