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The SCORE evaluation is based in part on agility, which is measured by the Sanford SCORE Agility Drill. This drill is a series of sprints and shuffles performed on a basketball court. You will need someone to keep time, floor tape and a stop watch.


  1. SetUp

    Use floor tape to mark the four corners of a basketball lane with an "X". The timer should stand near the left elbow of the free-throw line. To access a diagram of the drill setup, visit the View Score Worksheets page.

  2. Test & Measure

    The athlete starts in an upright position with his/her toes behind the baseline. The athlete is instructed to sprint or shuffle at full speed along the agility course in this pattern:

    • Sprint from baseline /left boundary to the left elbow
    • Open up and shuffle from the left elbow to the baseline/right lane boundary
    • Sprint from the baseline/right lane boundary to the right elbow
    • Open up and shuffle from the right elbow to the baseline/left lane boundary
    • Sprint from the baseline/left lane boundary to the left elbow

    The athlete must touch each corner mark with his or her foot. The athlete cannot cross-over his/her feet during the diagonal shuffles. The athlete's hips and shoulders need to be parallel to the direction of the shuffles.

    Start the stopwatch on the athlete's first movement. Stop the timer when the athlete passes the free throw line. The athlete will have three attempts to get a faster time.

  3. Calculate & Record

    Record the time to the nearest hundredth of a second (example: 8.29 sec). The fastest time of the three attempts will be used for the athlete's SCORE.