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Your SCORE is based on innovative research that quantifies your athletic readiness into a single number. There's no other assessment like it.

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Discover your SCORE! The Sanford SCORE athletic readiness assessment includes basic physical measurements and a series of basketball-specific athletic fitness drills that measure your vertical power, linear power, speed, acceleration, agility, and speed-endurance. These can be performed at a basketball court or with the assistance of a trained professional at a Sanford POWER Center.

Access detailed downloadable instructions for each drill and worksheets to help you record your results from the View Score Worksheets page.

A few things to keep in mind when conducting a SCORE assessment:

  1. Perform the line drill last to minimize the effect of fatigue.
  2. Give yourself time to improve athletic readiness between assessments.
  3. If a basketball court is not available, tests can be performed on a smooth, hard surface.