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Your SCORE is based on innovative research that quantifies your athletic readiness into a single number. There's no other assessment like it.

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Sanford SCORE
The Sanford SCORE Assessment measures athletic readiness through a series of fitness drills that measure power, speed, acceleration, agility and endurance. Take the tests, enter the data online, and discover your Sanford SCORE, a unique number that represents basketball-specific athletic fitness. You'll see how you compare to other basketball players and learn techniques to leverage every second of your off-season training.

Sanford SCORE Pro
The Sanford SCORE Pro Assessment combines fitness tests with an athletic movement performance assessment that identifies improper body movements that have been linked to basketball injuries. You'll learn how to compete safer, play longer and maintain optimal performance. Sanford SCORE Pro is available at a Sanford POWER location or on-site with a visiting Sanford SCORE team.

Sanford SCORE Elite
The most in-depth, comprehensive of Sanford SCORE assessments. Sanford SCORE Elite builds on SCORE and SCORE Pro to include highly technical evaluations tailored to the unique needs of the athlete. SCORE Elite offers a variety of state-of-the-art biomechanical and physiological performance tests and may include measurements of body composition, anaerobic capacity, electrolyte losses, energy expenditure and more. Sanford SCORE Elite's advanced assessments are offered through the National Institute for Athletic Health & Performance at Sanford Health.