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The National Institute for Athletic Health & Performance (NIAHP) at Sanford Health developed SCORE based on a sports science philosophy that proper athlethic movement and improved athletic fitness will reduce the likelihood of injury and pave the way for improved performance. Our goal was to determine how prepared athletes are to meet the demands of training and competition; to measure what we call "athletic readiness."

Sanford SCORE is evidence-based and clinically derived, making it the most credible basketball-specific athletic assessment available. To create SCORE, NIAHP researchers led a large number of basketball players through the SCORE basketball assessment drills. Results were compiled to calibrate a proprietary SCORE formula that produces a single number accurately describing an individual's athletic readiness. The sports science research also enabled NIAHP to amass normative data that enables anyone completing a SCORE assessment to compare their individual results to other basketball players.

The athletic movement performance assessment in SCORE Pro and SCORE Elite is based on sports science research by Dr. Christopher Powers and other leading sports scientists that demonstrates how improper body movements may be linked to a number of common sports injuries. Injuries account for lost time and lengthy recovery periods that delay athletic development. By making the athletic movement performance assessment an integral part of Sanford SCORE, NIAHP is pioneering new efforts to help athletes stay healthy.